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Become An Energy Auditor

According to recent articles by Yahoo! HotJobs, Time Magazine, and others there is one area that is poised for significant growth during the 2010 recession because it is eco-friendly and in such demand by people looking to cut down on their energy costs. That's because according to the census bureau there are over 306 million people in the United States and over 5 million small businesses that are currently in need of an audit.The best career for you to choose right now is to Become an Energy Auditor.

Energy Auditors are "In High Demand" in 2010

One big reason people are looking at having a home energy audit or commercial energy audit right now is the number of federal tax incentives in addition to cash rebates being offered by city electric and gas companies. This is all in part of President Obama's new stimulus program which has created a new "Gold Rush" for energy auditors. The following are some of the factors putting energy audits in the forefront of people's minds.

Energy Auditing Is Perfect For You No Matter Who You Are

Our students come from all walks of life and they all have one thing in common... a desire to succeed. This is the only thing you need to become an Energy Auditor and achieve financial success. Here are a few examples of how you can use energy auditing to help you succeed.

Start Your Own Energy Business

Apply what you learn from our training programs to build your own empire. Work full-time or part-time to obtain the income level you desire.

Offer Energy Audits To Your Existing Clients As An Additional Service

If you are already working in homes with a trade such as painting, windows, home inspections, general contracting, electrical, etc. adding energy audits to your list of services can earn you substantially more each month.

Leverage Your Existing Client List To Get New Energy Audit Clients

If you are or were a realtor, you may already have all the contacts you need to kickstart your new energy business!

Realtors can get certified in energy auditing and help your clients buy and sell “green” homes.

Put Your New Education To The Test

Students and recent graduates can apply their higher education in an emerging and dynamic marketplace.

Getting Started Is Easy As 1, 2, 3

The Energy Audit Institute home study approach lets you start your new career working part-time. You don't need to take time off and attend classes or interrupt your busy schedule. Just download the training program and study in your spare time. Once you've mastered energy efficiency, you're ready to take the certification exam. Once you pass it, you are off and running in your new "Energy Auditor" career. Most of graduates are able to complete the entire program working on it part-time in about 2 weeks. Here is all you need to remember:

    Step 1: Download the training program and study at your own pace

    Step 2: Learn Energy Auditing and efficiency for homes and businesses

    Step 3: Get Certified and then just go out get customers and build your business

Home Study Energy Auditor Training & Certification

The Energy Audit Institute offers energy audit training in 2 distinct sectors - Home Energy Audit Training and Commercial Energy Audit Training. Our energy audit training programs are based on the same US Dept of Energy standards as the more expensive programs. Each energy audit training program contains 8 training modules packed with the latest energy efficiency knowledge and insight. You will learn how to find energy savings on things like lighting, HVAC systems, appliances, water heaters, insulation, machinery, and lots more.

Just select an Energy Audit program and learn more about what each one has to offer you.

Training - Certification - Software

home energy audit training
Home Energy Audit Training

Training - Certification - Software

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Commercial Energy Audit Training


Download Your Free
Energy Auditor Guide

This 14 page guide will teach you about the energy audit industry. New opportunities and incentives reveal how to achieve financial success in energy auditing.

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download free energy auditing guide
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bundled energy auditor training - get both the Home and Commercial Energy Auditor courses for just $394.00

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