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Commercial Energy Audit Training

The EAI Commercial Energy Audit Training Program will teach you how to conduct a detailed small business energy audit. You will learn to identify the common energy wasting areas of a commercial facility. You will also learn more in-depth energy conservation techniques to enable you to provide your clients with the maximum in energy savings insight.

Unlike other training programs, we offer a home based training program that allows you to learn at your own pace. There is no need to travel to a training facility, dedicate a block of time for online training, or change your current schedule in anyway. You will receive all the commercial energy audit training you need to put you on the fast track to success! Most EAI graduates complete the training program in as little as 2 weeks studying part-time from home.

Commercial Energy Audit Training Program

✓ Comprehensive Energy Audit Training System
✓ Packed with Sample Test Questions
✓ Includes Action Items and Homework
✓ Based on US Dept of Energy Standards
✓ Features 10 Powerful Training Modules

The Commercial Energy Training Program consists of 10 training modules. Each module is very thorough on topics such as facility lighting, water, cooling, insulation, machinery, business start-up and more. After you have studied all 10 courses, simply complete the Commercial Energy Auditor Certification Examination online and we will send you a personalized certification.

Be aware that unlike other training programs this one is very easy to understand and learn. The information is laid out very simply so you donít need any previous experience in energy or auditing in order to follow along and learn how to conduct Energy Audits.

    Training Module 1: Energy Audit Process

    commercial energy audit training module 1 - energy audit process

    » Learn how to conduct a commercial energy audit using our 3 step process

    » Learn how to quickly identify issues that are wasting energy

    » Understand exactly how the EAI commercial audit process works and how to be successful working inside it

    Training Module 2: Commercial Energy

    commercial energy audit training module 2 - commercial energy

    » Understand the important distinctions between power sources used in commercial facilities

    » Learn the complexities of how commercial facilities use energy and how to easily navigate through

    » Learn the Laws of Thermodynamics and Ohm's Law and how they apply to the commercial market

    Training Module 3: Energy Usage Analysis

    commercial energy audit training module 3 - energy usage analysis

    » Understand utility bills, their charges, rates, and how to convert them into a singular source

    » Learn how to calculate and separate base load from seasonal usage for your clients

    » Learn to calculate actual energy savings the business owner will realize by making the modifications and upgrades you determine

    Training Module 4: Commercial Bench Marking & EUI

    commercial energy audit training module 4 - commercial bench marking and EUI

    » Learn how to compare your client's energy usage with similar facilities using bench marking

    » Learn EUI statistics from every major commercial property type

    » Learn how to calculate single and mixed EUI and present it you your clients

    Training Module 5: Building Envelope

    commercial energy audit training module 5 - building envelope

    » Learn how to save your clients money solving the 5 main energy wasting issues of the buiding envelope

    » Discover low cost alternatives to replacing windows and doors that can save your clients over 20%

    » Learn about diagnostic procedures including blower door, duct blasting, and thermal image analysis

    Training Module 6: Commercial Lighting

    commercial energy audit training module 6 - commercial lighting

    » Learn about all the different types of lighting used in commercial buildings

    » Understand about wattage and how it plays a vital role in saving energy

    » Follow along with an example lighting scenario to understand how to calculate energy savings by doing simple lighting changes

    Training Module 7: Heating & Cooling Systems

    commercial energy audit training module 7 - heating and cooling systems

    » Learn how heating and cooling systems operate in commercial facilities

    » Understand how HVAC systems account for 45% of the average energy bill

    » Learn how to calculate current HVAC system usage and forecast upgrade savings!

    Training Module 8: Motors & Machinery

    commercial energy audit training module 8- motors and machinery

    » Learn how to make common appliances found in many commercial buildings more efficient

    » Discover how to calculate energy usage in computers and other machinery

    » Understand how to calculate motor efficiency for large commercial equipment

    Training Module 9: Economics & Payback Periods

    commercial energy audit training module 9 - economics and payback periods

    » Understand payback periods and be able to explain to your clients how long it will take to pay for the changes you recommend

    » Discover life-cycle costs and how to calculate the amount it will take to run equipment over a period of time

    » Learn how to calculate simple and compound interest, and uniform series cash flow

    Training Module 10: Commercial Reporting

    commercial energy audit training module 10 - commercial reporting

    » Learn how to convert your energy audit findings into spreadsheets and other useful tools to present your commercial clients

    » Find the energy rebates for insulation, solar screens, HVAC upgrades and others available from your local gas and electric companies - website constantly updated by the Dept of Energy

    » Learn how to create a custom 25 page Commercial Energy Audit report for your clients - using our template and step-by-step guides and examples

You will receive everything you need to completely understand Energy Auditing and to go out into the field and start conducting Energy Audits immediately. No other program provides you such instantaneous results! Act now to get everything you need to jump start your new career as a Home Energy Consultant.

What You Gain From The Commercial Energy Audit Training Program

    How To Find Energy Savings

    » Learn the principals of energy savings, energy efficiency, and sustainability. You will also learn more in-depth energy conservation techniques to enable you to provide your clients with the maximum in energy savings insight.

    How To Conduct A Commercial Energy Audit

    » You will learn to perform visual inspections and identify the common energy wasting areas of a small business or commercial facility.

    How To Calculate Energy Savings

    » You will learn how to easily calculate monthly savings, create in-depth savings reports and clearly communicate to business owners how they can immediately start saving on their energy costs.

    How To Report Energy Savings

    » You will learn how to create in-depth savings reports and clearly communicate to business owners on topics including Net Present Value and Return on Investment.

Every Energy Auditor Course Includes Training, Certification,
Software, and Marketing Tools all at 1 Low Price!

That's right, unlike other programs that only give you some books to read and a test to take, at the Energy Audit Institute - Your enrollment includes the training, certification, software and marketing tools. By providing you with all the business essentials, we feel we give you the best opportunity to succeed in the industry.

commercial energy audit training
10-Part Commercial Energy Audit Training

Your purchase gets you all 10 training modules that teach you how to perform commercial energy audits and reduce wasted energy.

Commercial Energy Audit Training

commercial energy auditor certification
Commercial Energy Auditor Certification

Your purchase includes the Commercial Energy Auditor Certification that you can show your clients and proves that you are highly trained and skilled in energy efficiency.

commercial energy auditor certification

commercial energy audit software
Commercial Energy Audit Software

Your purchase includes the Commercial Energy Software which is packed with the contracts, spreadsheets, and reports. Each document is delivered to you in electronic format in either MS-Word or MS-Excel so you can modify it to fit your exact business needs. This ensures you receive all the tools you need to do a Commercial Energy Audit and be successful

commercial energy audit software

Energy Auditor Marketing Tools

Your purchase includes essential marketing materials such as door hangers and flyers. You also receive the professional appearance package with business cards, envelopes, and more. Best of all, your new energy business will be listed on Energy Audit Institute and other websites to help you get clients!

commercial energy audit marketing

Get Started In Commercial Energy Auditing Now!

Getting started in commercial energy has never been so quick and easy. All you need to do is enroll and you will instantly receive the training modules and resource guide via email. You can get started be reviewing your training materials in a matter of minutes. Better yet, you can learn about commercial energy efficiency and have your certification in as little as 2 weeks. The EAI programs are designed to help you jump-start your career by giving you everything you need to be successful. Here is what you will receive when you enroll:

commercial energy auditor training - 10 energy audit training modules, commercial energy audit certification, and commercial energy audit software

10 Energy Audit Training Modules + Certification + Software + Marketing Tools

In an effort to lower our prices to you, we are now offering the Commercial Energy Auditor Program in a Digital Download Version at a savings of $100.00 off our retail rate of $347.00. Be sure to take advantage of this savings now before we bring our prices back to the normal retail rate. When you select the "Download Now" button below, you will instantly receive the training program and software as a digital download. You will receive your Energy Auditor certification signed by the Energy Efficiency Association as a professional document mailed to you in 5-7 business days after you successfully pass the Commercial Energy Audit training exam.

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This 14 page guide will teach you about the energy audit industry. New opportunities and incentives reveal how to achieve financial success in energy auditing.

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energy audit training

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