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Energy Auditor Marketing Tools

In addition to receiving the software you need to calculate and report energy savings to your clients - you will also receive our proven marketing system. We surveyed our graduates to learn which marketing methods were getting them clients. What we learned is that PowerPoint templates, flyers, and direct mail solutions did not produce clients.

The proven marketing method was overwhelming - using door hangers to canvas neighborhoods produces paying clients! We were fortunate enough to have several of our successful graduates send us the door hanger templates they use. With their permission - we created a MS-Word template that you can use to promote your own business using their proven marketing method and language.

Neighborhood Marketing - Door Hanger

✓ Use to canvas whole neighborhoods
✓ Includes proven marketing message
✓ MS-Word template - creates 3 per page
✓ Easily works with MS-Word 2003 or newer
✓ Easy to customize with your company info

Face-to Face Marketing - 3 Fold Flyer

✓ Use to provide overview of services
✓ Great leave behind for decision maker
✓ Can be used as direct mail brochure
✓ Easily customized with MS-Word 2003 or newer
✓ Professionally designed - not clip art

Membership in the Energy Audit Institute

Once you have successfully passed the Energy Auditor Exam, you will receive a professional certification in the mail that you can show to your clients. You will also receive a 1 year membership in the Energy Audit Institute.


Professional Appearance Package

In addition to marketing your business using door hangers and flyers, you are going to need a way to present yourself that ensures you look professional. Having a business card, letterhead, envelopes and all your other documents professionally created is a great way to show your clients that you are a true energy professional.

Business Cards, Stationary, and Envelopes

✓ Professionally designed - not clip art
✓ Includes 2 sided business cards
✓ Includes letterhead and envelopes
✓ Photoshop format for easy customization
✓ Ready for printing at Kinko's, Office Depot, etc.
✓ Includes spot for your new Certification number

Every Energy Auditor Course Includes Training, Certification,
Software, and Marketing Tools all at 1 Low Price!

That's right, unlike other programs that only give you some books to read and a test to take, at the Energy Audit Institute - Your enrollment includes the training, certification, software and marketing tools. By providing you with all the business essentials, we feel we give you the best opportunity to succeed in the industry.

home energy audit training
10-Part Home Energy Audit Training

Your purchase gets you all 10 energy audit training modules that teach you how to perform home energy audits and reduce wasted energy.

home energy audit training

Home Energy Audit Certification

Your purchase includes the Home Energy Certification that you can show your clients and proves that you are highly trained and skilled in energy efficiency.

home energy audit certification

home energy audit software
Home Energy Audit Software

Your purchase includes the Home Energy Software which is packed with the contracts, spreadsheets, and reports. Each document is delivered to you in electronic format in either MS-Word or MS-Excel so you can modify it to fit your exact business needs. This ensures you receive all the tools you need to do a Home Energy Audit and be successful

home energy audit software

Energy Auditor Marketing Tools

Your purchase includes essential marketing materials such as door hangers and flyers. You also receive the professional appearance package with business cards, envelopes, and more. Best of all, your new energy business will be listed on Energy Audit Institute and other websites to help you get clients!

Get Started In Home Energy Auditing Now!

Getting started in home energy has never been so quick and easy. All you need to do is enroll and you will instantly receive the training modules and energy audit software via email. You can get started be reviewing your training materials in a matter of minutes. Better yet, you can learn about home energy efficiency and have your certification in as little as 2 weeks. The unique energy audit training program from the Energy Audit Institute is designed to help you jump-start your career by giving you everything you need to be successful.

home energy auditor training - 10 energy audit training modules, home energy audit certification, and home energy audit software

10 Energy Audit Training Modules + Certification + Software + Marketing Tools

In an effort to lower our prices to you, we are now offering the Home Energy Auditor Program in a Digital Download Version at a savings of $100.00 off our retail rate of $347.00. Be sure to take advantage of this savings now before we bring our prices back to the normal retail rate. When you select the "Download Now" button below, you will instantly receive the training program and software as a digital download. You will receive your Energy Auditor certification signed by the Energy Efficiency Association as a professional document mailed to you in 5-7 business days after you successfully pass the Home Energy Audit training exam.

Get Everything You Need For Just $247.00
Order Energy Audit Training Now - Just $197.00
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Download Your Free
Energy Auditor Guide

This 14 page guide will teach you about the energy audit industry. New opportunities and incentives reveal how to achieve financial success in energy auditing.

$50.00 Coupon Inside

energy auditing
download free energy auditing guide
The Energy audit training guide is
4MB and was created using Adobe
Acrobat.You will need Adobe Reader
to open and view it.


bundled energy auditor training - get both the Home and Commercial Energy Auditor courses for just $394.00

energy audit training

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