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Energy Audit FAQs

What Type of Energy Audit Training Will I Receive From EAI?

EAI provides Residential and Commercial energy audit training which covers the most common energy consumption aspects of homes and businesses. You will learn how to do a visual examination using specific steps, methods and calculations. You will be required to examine the current energy use of a building, facility or structure and determine its current energy usage and make recommendations for improvement. The objective of the audit is to identify areas to reduce energy use and save money on energy costs. The average EAI energy audit finds homeowners and business owners a savings of 30% on their monthly energy costs.

I've seen other energy audit training programs online - are you affiliated with them?

No - the Energy Audit Institute is not affiliated with and does not use any other companies materials. All of our energy program materials were custom developed and written.

What Is EAI's relationship with the Energy Efficiency Association?

All our materials are reviewed and approved by the Energy Efficiency Association. The association acts as our regulatory group to ensure that we meet the highest standards in professionalism and provide real-world efficiency techniques and practices. Upon completing your Energy Auditor Training Course you will receive your certification signed by EAI and the Energy Efficiency Association.

What Does Each Energy Auditor Training Course Include?

Each Energy Auditor training course is delivered to you instantly when you complete your order as a digital download over the Internet. Every training course is comprised of a multitude of different documents including 10 training modules formatted as PDF documents, the auditor software is in both MS-Excel Spreadsheets and MS-Word documents. The marketing materials are in MS-Word and Photoshop format. All materials are delivered at the time of purchase through an automatic redirect to our download page.

How Long Does Each Training Program Take To Complete?

The materials will be learned faster by some than others, so an exact amount of time is hard to specify. However most of our students are able to complete an Eneryg Auditor course in about 12-18 hours of reading, study time, and hands-on application time. What this equates to is that most of our students are able to complete each training program and the certification exam within 2 weeks studying part-time from home.

Do I Receive Any Training Updates?

Yes, our programs are updated periodically and you receive FREE UPDATES sent to you via email. There is no time limit on receiving updates. If you no longer wish to receive our training updates, simply select the "opt-out" link at the bottom of the update email.

How Will I Know When I'm Ready to Take the Certification Exam?

Our Energy Auditor courses include "Action Items" and "Homework Assignments" that provide you hands-on practice and practical application of the materials you are learning. In addition, each training module includes sample test questions at the end to help you gauge how much of the information you are absorbing and learning. Once you have completed all the action items, homework assignments, and can answer all the sample test questions - you are ready for your exam.

I'm Not Sure I Understand How to Take the Certification Exam

Each of our Energy Auditor courses includes a certification exam. The certification test is administered through our online testing center using a "Virtual Proctor." Once you've purchased your training couse, you will be provided a link to the testing center along with a user name and password for your specific exam. The home test is 80 questions long and you have 60 minutes to complete the exam. The Commercial test is 100 questions and you have 120 minutes to complete the exam. Both tests require a minimum passing score of 75%. The test results are instantaneous, so you will know your score the minute you finish the exam. An official certificate is then mailed to you within 5-7 business days.

How Long Do I Have To Complete My Energy Auditor Certification Course?

There is no time limit. The only part of the process that expires is the username and password we send you from our testing center. Your account is activated for 90 days. If you need more time to prepare for your Energy Auditor Certification Exam, please contact us and we will supply you with an updated login / password.

Is There Any Where In the USA That I Canít Do An Audit With The Certification I Receive?

NO. The certification you receive from the Energy Audit Institute is valid in all 50 United States. The only current restriction is you can not do the "Home Sale Certification" audit in Austin, Texas. Austin has developed an ordinance that requires homeowners to have an energy audit completed when they sell their homes. Energy audits from RESNET and BPI are the only ones approved. We are working with the City of Austin and Austin Electric to have EAI Home Energy Certified Auditors be on their approved list. If you are looking for that specialized training from EAI, please check back with us soon as we anticipate receiving approval shortly.

How Do I Use The Price Match Guarantee?

To ensure we always offer you the lowest prices in the industry, we will match any competitors sales price. To use the price match, simply send us any lower priced program you find online for the same training and certification course and we will put your in our course for the same price. To send us a competitor sale price, simply use our contact form and include the details - we will get your price matched immediately.

Do You Offer a Money Back Guarantee with your Programs?

Yes, if you purchase any of our Energy Auditor Training and Certification programs, pass the corresponding certification exam and are unable to make money doing energy audits, we will refund your purchase price.


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